About Us

University Recreation provides programs and quality facilities to enhance the overall extracurricular experience for students at UT Dallas. There are six program areas within University Recreation: club sports, intramural sports, fitness, aquatics, events, and informal recreation.

Mission Statement

To provide the UT Dallas community with unique opportunities and experiences that promotes healthy lifestyles and lifelong wellbeing while cultivating student leaders through social engagement and experiential learning.

We are committed to:

  • providing safe, clean, quality facilities and well-maintained equipment
  • consistent, innovative, and diverse programs
  • excellent service with integrity and civility
  • a knowledgeable, professional, and enthusiastic staff

Core Values

Staying true to our values keeps us accountable with every thought and action, and helps plot our course to providing outstanding experiences. They shape and define who we are and serve as our compass in everything we do. Learn it. Live it. Bring it.

Student Ownership

Unmistakable pride and integrity; foster leadership development and life skills.

Healthy Lifestyles

Balanced lifestyles through healthy pursuits to promote the healthiest you.

Inclusive Environment

Support and celebrate an open and welcoming community; a sense of home, student-focused initiatives.

Innovative Thinking

Serving as a catalyst for change; embracing progress and improvement.

Code of Ethics

University Recreation (UREC) at The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) must continually strive to provide the UT Dallas community with unique opportunities and experiences that promote healthy lifestyles and lifelong wellbeing. As a representative of UREC, employees assume the responsibility to conduct themselves in accordance with the values and mission set by the department. The code of ethics is split into two specific factions, professional staff and student staff.

In providing programs and services, UREC shall:

  • Endeavour to provide inclusive, safe, and high quality programming.
  • Take responsibility for employing qualified individuals in positions that require special credentials and/or experience.
  • Strive to keep abreast of current skills and knowledge and encourage innovative thinking.
  • Encourage the values of collaboration, integrity, and sportsmanship in all interactions which promote equitable opportunity for all.

In relations with employers and employees, UREC shall:

  • Advocate for and practice nondiscrimination that fosters equity and diversity through leadership development.
  • Secure the trust of employees by maintaining privileged information until properly released, utilizing honest and transparent processes.
  • Support the contributions of fellow employees by properly crediting and acknowledging their achievements.
  • Assist and encourage the professional growth and development of fellow employees.

UREC student staff, in fulfilling professional obligations and dealings with students and programs shall:

  • Strive for the highest in academic achievement.
  • Encourage student ownership by exhibiting integrity.
  • Perform dutifully the responsibilities of student employment by supporting the policies and procedures of UREC and UTD.
  • Understand the visibility and permanency of social media use, and the repercussions of its misuse.
  • Encourage collaboration and cooperation with other student associations and departments.