COVID-19 2021 Adjustments

How does the University Policy effect UREC?


The Activity Center & Recreation Center West are open for Student, Faculty, & Staff member use as of May 17. Please refer to our membership page to find out member pricing and purchase options.
All workouts must be reserved in advance through IMLeagues, with the exception of net time at RCW which follows the regualr reservation call in policy.
SPN will reopen June 1, reservations are not required at this time.

All members will be required to adhere to current University policies, including: Fully-vaccinated individuals may resume indoor and outdoor activities without wearing masks or physically distancing. Unvaccinated individuals do not need to wear masks outdoors, except at crowded events, but should continue to mask and distance indoors. Members of the University community should follow the public health guidance that applies to their vaccination status.

Reserve your workout on IMLeagues

Create an IMLeagues Account

  1. First time participants should log into:
    1. IMLeagues OR
    2. IMLeagues through Facebook and click "Log In," then click "Log in with Facebook" if you have a Facebook account with your school email attached. This will automatically create an account, fill in your information, and connect you to the school (steps 2-4).
  2. Enter your information, use your school email if applicable (, and submit.
  3. You will be sent an activation email. Click the link in the email to login and activate your IMLeagues account.
  4. You should be automatically joined to UT Dallas - if not, you can search schools by clicking the "Schools" link.

Once logged-in 

  • Choose Fitness Tab at top
  • Choose your preferred session and click sign up
  • Follow through the confirmation steps
  • A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you
  • To see sessions available in the future, click Classes subtab

Once you have your reservation

  • Download Get Mobile Android Apple
  • Arrive prepared to workout with mask on based on vaccination guidelines
  • Enter AC near the Main Gym/RCW through “IN” door and Join Queue
  • Complete Wellness Check and scan ID
  • Follow ONE WAY Signs to your reserved activity keeping your mask on based on vaccination guidelines
  • Wipe down equipment before Workout
  • Complete your activity with your mask based on vaccination guidelines
  • Wipe down equipment used
  • Gather any belongings and follow ONE WAY signs to exit facility


Lockers will be available for member purchase starting Summer 2021.


UREC programing areas have designed a spring schedule full of virtual and socially distanced safe activities for UTD Students. Please check each of their sites for the most up-to-date offerings.