UREC Events

Friday After Class

Sometimes the best thing to do is no-thing. Enjoy these Fridays After Class with some down time. Come eat a little, play some games, or lounge in our chairs and hammocks.

Rec N' Wild

Summers are hot in Texas; come cool off at Rec N' Wild. Enjoy water rides, games, treats and more!

Silent Disco

Join us for silent disco, where dance music is transmitted through wireless headphones. If you enjoy people watching, silent disco is your paradise!

Laser Battle

Leave laser-tag in the past and upgrade to Laser Battle. Grab your Comet Card, gather your team of 8 (or find your allies when you arrive) and join University Recreation at this year’s clash to become entrenched in battle and root from the stands.

Cardboard Boat Regatta

Teams construct a boat made only of duct tape and cardboard for this challenge. The boat will have to make it to one end of the pool and back. The first boat to reach the finish line with crew onboard wins!

NIRSA Sports and Fitness Day

Celebrate NIRSA's National Sports and Fitness Day. Free giveaways, demos and exciting challenges.

Triathlon Express

Want to TRI something new? Our indoor triathlon is a great event for the first-timer or experienced triathlete. Points are awarded to racers after a 10 min swim, 30 min bike, and 20 min run.   FAQ & Day-of Checklist

Recess Rewind

Remember when your school day had the most amazing built-in break? RECESS! We do too, join UREC in the Chess Plaza for 4 square, hopscotch, and more of your favorite recess activities.

Homecoming Nighttime 5K

Be a part of the newest rage in running. Try UTD's very own night time 5K, which takes place throughout campus. Glow-in-the-dark items will be provided. Check out our Couch➪5K program to prepare!

Parents and Families

So You Think You Can Drive?

Challenge yourself in our event, "So You Think You Can Drive." Strap on some beer goggles and take to the courts on our tricycles. See who can finish first, or just finish at all!

International Week Tournaments

Play in the most comprehensive badminton and table tennis tournaments on campus. Sign up and get more details at imleagues.com/utdallas.


You sunk my...canoe? Join the wettest, wildest competition of the semester! Teams of four climb into canoes and set out to become kings and queens of the Phase VIII Pool. Team members utilize buckets to attempt to sink their opponent's canoes before they themselves become swamped.

Finals Float Party

Float away from stress and enjoy root beer floats, ice cream, giant pool inflatables and a few dive-in tv shows. Enjoy a warm evening in the pool with friends before your last tests and get some sweet treats.